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So, you can't make it to the farm, but you'd like to see what we're up to? Take a look and see what we have accomplished with our community of friends and family. We are proud of what we have accomplished since our humble beginnings in 2005, thanks to the support of many fine people (you know who you are!). Many new pictures added March 2014.

Please note: we find it easier to share our more current photos on our blog. Visit there to enjoy stories, pictures, editorials and farm reports.

All photos by Rob Faux unless otherwise noted.

Sunrise at the farm by R Faux

Picture by Karris Golden

2006 iris bloom

The 2006 iris bloom was the most spectacular we have ever seen. Nearly 100 varieties bloomed for us that spring.

hoar frost on the farm



Sun dogs at sunset

Lots of wind and cold in December and January (2007/08). The sundog on the left is an indicator of cold weather. The patterns on the ground is what's left on this area of 12-14 inches of snow. Wind can move things around! For more winter pictures, go here. Photo by T Faux

A long way to till - small tiller, big field by R Faux

One of our favorite 2005 photos. See that stake in the middle of the photo? That was the corner of one of our gardens that year. See the walk behind tiller? Ya.

early 2008 east fields

An early season look at the 'Eastfarthing'. You can see several of our 60'x200' plots. Closest is a fallow plot. followed by winter squash, brassica/allium, tomato/basil, melon and then bean/potato patches.


Asparagus always looks good when it is weeded and mulched!

lettuce in a cage

An up close look at a lettuce mix growing under a cover.

lettuce with covers

Lettuce is often a favorite of deer, rabbit and woodchuck. So, we use various approaches to exclude the critters so the CSA gets some of it!

cukes after a weeding

bad cucumber year

You could say it was a difficult season. The cultivated strips are supposed to be our cucumbers. See the hill in the middle? Hmmmmmm. Green strips are weeds with some peas. Pretty sparse and not growing, so they were eventually tilled under. (2008)



fox kit by Kip Ladage

One of the kits that temporarily lived on the farm. Our presence was too much and Mama Fox moved the kits to other parts. Our pictures are linked here: photo1, photo2, photo3 and photo4. These are in sequence! Photo by Kip Ladage

Duck in a box

Yogi the duck in a box, in the kitchen. Want to read about her? Check our blog entry. (2008) Picture by T Faux

A very large egg

On the left - a fairly large egg. On the right? Now that has to hurt!

Muck and Myra the bronze turkeys on a gate by R Faux

Muck and Myra. They KNOW they aren't supposed to be on the fence.

chickens by the barn door by Brandon Pollock

Photo by Brandon Pollock

swallows in a nest

cold frames by the garage with a wind break

Three coldframes full of plants. The snow fence is an attempt to provide a wind break for the frames. It worked...sort of.

chickens like kale

Old Hog building cleanup

A work day to clean up the old hog building got us a good distance on the cleanup - with much more to go.

Building downed by the wind by R Faux

The big bad wolf visited us this year. Good thing we didn't need this building - but it did damage our truck. We considered that a bad thing.

there.seedlings in portable greenhouses

Some of our 2006 seedlings. This constituted the extent of our 'greenhouse.' There were many more seedlings on tables.

seedlings on a table

A forest of mini-tomatoes - ready to be planted.

seed starting table

A newer construction that is intended for what we do at the farm. Top shelf are peppers, 2nd shelf is tomatoes (ready for transplant I'd say). 3rd shelf are eggplant and tomatoes.

seed starting tables

This seed starting table was created and moved with us. It was initially intended for larger plants - hence the spacing. At top are peppers, middle right are more peppers and rosemary. At left middle is basil. yes, it is

It was once a three car garage with doors that were falling apart. One side is now closed in and sided, the middle garage door is fixed up and the third...ok. Bubble wrap does work as a temporary measure.

high tunnel



Tammy at UNI promoting organic and local foods.

Rob and Tammy at the Farm Bureau pancake breakfast in late winter. Photo by Darrin Siefken.


Lots of squash in an outbuilding by R Faux

2007 was one of our best winter squash harvests.

pumpkins and squash in the yard
haogen melon

Heirloom watermelons and pumpkins by Pete Faux

Ahhhh. Watermelon and some winter squash. Someday, we'll tell you about how difficult it is to carry watermelons when you are slipping in mud.




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Our thanks to all of the fine people who spent some time helping us on the farm in 2007! Your contributions were most appreciated.

Chris Haymaker, Cynthia Bane, Lara, Neil and Rose Martenson-Burrell, Jim and Eileen Faux, Denis Drolet, the McCollough family, Nancy and Randy Pfile, Ed Westen, Roy Ventullo, Ben and Sarah Stadler-Ammons, Annette, Pete and Elsie Faux, Lynnette and Mariah McGregor, clan Jystad, Jo Foster (and her May term class), Ben Bousquet, Catherine Faux, Kendrick Sommerfeldt, Kevin Grondahl, Sandra Hansen, Jette Irgens, Dan Noah, Susan Vallem, Darrell and Sue Zenk, Stepanie Toering-Peters, Chris Tripolino, Shawn Ellerbroek, Cedar and Chris Johnson, Tina Irvin, Katherine Knutsen, Stacy Larson and whomever we may have inadvertantly omitted from the list!



weeding helpers Stacy, Katherine and Tina

Here's why you got watermelon and melons in 2007. The elite weeding crew! Our taste buds thank you. Stacy Larson, Katherine Knutsen, Tina Irvin.

granary painting at its finest

Nothing like taking ownership for a job well done!



irrigating in dry July

Early summer/late spring in 2007 found very little rain, enforcing a need to irrigate to encourage germination. Of course, the EXTRA rain in August flooded things out. Go figure.

summer squash and zucchini plants

The summer squash and zucchini patch. Yes, they look good. Thank you Cedar the Weeder and Chris (who also weeded)!

tomatoes and basil

This, my friends, is a garden. Tomatoes and basil in the plot closest to us. The blue green further back would be broccoli or cauliflower. The tall corn shows the edge of our gardens.

Floating row covers over broccoli by R Faux

While this is a 2006 photo, it does show floating row covers in action. In this case, they protect broccoli from cabbage butterflies. Garlic in between row covers.


coldframes look much different in 2013!

zinnia and squash



snowdrifts in front of the garage

Winter came late in 2006/2007.

downed limb and a snow drift

The 2007 ice storm. We were lucky as we were only without power for 30 hours - but the downed limbs provided nice snow catchers for the later snow.


the 2013 fencing project


Ah...the potato digger. It's a good thing.

the tomato launch

2006 Fall Festival and the highly acclaimed and anticipated tomato launch.

6 row seeder

Using the 6 row seeder.


drip irrigation on the farm

kohlrabi harvest

Kohlrabi harvest


seedlings on cart

barn from north

mulched tomatoes

Genuine Faux Farm at Waverly Farmers' Market by Tammy Faux

Again, an older photo, probably late 2005 during a Saturday morning market in Waverly. Amazing how our farmers' market display has changed over time.

photo by Tammy Faux

sw field

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apple trees

tractor and trailer

tomatoes on hayrack

little turkeys


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raised beds garlic on hayrack





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