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Subscription Period for 2017 is OPEN.

Why should you sign up for our Farm Share CSA?

  • Pricing
  • Reserving a Spot
  • Traditional 20
  • Traveler 20
  • Whole Enchilada
  • Split a Share
  • Group Share
  • My Garden is Dead Share
  • Alternating Delivery
  • Poultry Shares

2017 Subscription Options and Pricing

Traditional 20 produce> June-October (20 deliveries) $400 ***
Traveler 20 produce> May-early Jun,late Aug-Dec (20 deliveries) $500 ***
Whole Enchilada produce> May-December (28 deliveries) $600 ***
Alternating Delivery produce> May - December (14 deliveries) $350 ***
My Garden is Dead produce> October-December (8 deliveries) $250 ***
Group Share produce> June-October (16 deliveries) $800 5 avail
Moving On produce> Start or End of Season variable inquire
Poultry Share Small Bird meat> March - December (20 deliveries) $325 8 avail
Poultry Share Large Bird meat> March - December (20 deliveries) $400 7 avail

- prices include deposit

***- 120 CSA slots split between share types

Why do we ask for prepayment?

A share is, in effect, an investment in the farm and in your personal farmers. There are a number of up front costs, such as seed, equipment, gas and labor that occur well before any produce is available. Your willingness to pay up front helps to make this operation run! It is then up to us to make the most of your investment on your behalf. Each season we work to provide you with produce that has a value that is 25% to 40% more than what you pay us as a reward for your confidence in our ability to be your personal farmers!

Please contact us via email, by phone, or speak with us directly. We do not, in any way, wish to exclude interested persons from joining the CSA simply because writing a large check at the beginning of the season makes it difficult to join. This is part of the advantage of being a community. There are share holders who are able to prepay at the beginning of the season. These persons help us to support others who need to spread payment out over time.

If you enter a payment arrangement with us, we ask you to help us by maintaining the payment schedule. It is difficult for us to track this during the heat of the growing season.

Option 1: $25 Deposit to hold share in Fall of prior year

You can help us by reserving a spot in the Fall for the next year's shares. The deposit goes towards the cost of a share and will entitle you to the prior year's pricing levels if they should change. Your deposit shows your faith in us and gives us a level of security from which to work. Thank you!

Option 2: Sign up for current season

We typically have open spots as late as April, though we would love to have our sign up period completed sooner than that so we can concentrate on growing food for you! If you want to sign up for our shares, here is what you should do:

1. Send us an email! Give us your name, type of share you want, mailing address, phone number and we'll get right back to you.

2. Find our brochure that may be found at various locations in the Cedar Valley and mail in the back page with your deposit.

Wait List

We will maintain a wait list if slots for the CSA are filled. If openings occur we will work down the list on a first come first served basis.

Payment in Full

The balance of your payment will be due in the year a farm share is taken. Our payment in full deadline is May 30 (unless you arrange a payment plan).

Comfortable with how things have been?  Well, this is the schedule we've maintained since the our CSA program's inception in 2005.  Twenty deliveries of delicious goodies from June through October.  If you see no reason to change what has been a good thing so far - here it is!

Deliveries 4 through 23 on the calendar
Price: $400

Sample Share content (mid July example):

bag of peas or beans, 2 heads heirloom lettuce, 2 white onion, pok choi, 2 cucumber, 2 zucchini, garlic scapes, beets or carrots, 2 kohlrabi

So, you are traveling this Summer and you think that means you can't get our veggies?  Think again!  We will have 20 deliveries of veggies split between the early and late season, but no deliveries for this share from mid June to mid-August.  Not only can you be some of the first people in the area with fresh veggies, you can partake of the bounty at the end of the season.  Who wouldn't want fresh produce for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Deliveries 1 - 6 and 15-28 on the calendar
Price: $500

Sample Share Content (May example):

2 heads heirloom lettuce, bag of spinach, bunch of braising greens (kale, chard, etc), komatsuna, rhubarb, asparagus, spring onions

for a Fall example, check the My Garden is Dead Share description.

You get a nice price and you get ALL the CSA Veggie deliveries we will offer from April to December.  You won't have to worry about signing up for an extended season - you just come and get the delicious veggies for all 28 deliveries.  Your best value is here.

Deliveries 1 through 28 on the calendar
Price: $600

Sample Share Content (mid-August example):

3 slicing tomatoes, 6 snack tomatoes, 2 bell peppers, 2 sweet peppers, 1 zucchini, 1 summer squash, 3 cucumbers, bag of green beans, bunch of kale or chard, head of broccoli, 2 onions, 1 garlic, 1 melon

We are willing to accept share applications from members that consist of more than one family unit. Several families have successfully split shares in prior years. This was an ideal solution for handling vegetables that were liked by some and disliked by others. It also provided a ready outlet for produce when one party was traveling. If you are interested in a share, but are worried that you cannot consume the volume of produce delivered, consider splitting a share!

If you split a share, the following apply:

  • You will be responsible for dividing up the produce
  • You will pick up your share at one delivery point
  • Please provide us with contact information for all participants
  • Split shares are not given special allotments of produce, they receive what all other shares of that size receive
  • There is no additional fee for splitting a share

Many people who split a share find it works well to alternate weeks. Others find that one member of their families is able to consistently get away for the distribution time, so the responsibility for pick up falls on them. We are aware of families that share a meal on distribution day and then split the remaining produce afterwards!

If you can't find someone to split with, but feel a half share is better for you, consider the Alternating Week share (see the tab above for a description).

New for the 2017 Season:

We are developing a Group Share that will target organizations that have people that would like some local produce but are unwilling to enter a share agreement alone. This is an 16 week share and contents will consist of less produce variety and more duplication so that all participants can take a similar small portion from the share. Division of the produce among participants is the responsibility of the group. A main contact person should be identified as well as a person who will work with us on pick up.

Examples of possible weekly distribution amounts:

  • Early Season Share Week: 10 heads of lettuce (2 varieties), 5 bunches of radish, 5 bunches asparagus or rhubarb
  • Stir Fry Share Week: 10 zucchini, 10 summer squash, 10 onions, 5 garlic, 5 bunches braising greens, 5 peppers
  • BLT Share Week: 20 tomatoes, 10 heads of lettuce, 10 sweet peppers
  • Bean and Potato Week: 15 pounds potatoes, 7.5 pounds green bean, 5 of a wildcard item
  • Salsa Week: 20 tomatoes, 20 peppers, 10 onions, 5 garlic

Deliveries 16 dates TBA
Price: $800

So, you garden.  Fantastic!  But, do you feel its loss once you get to October?  Let us get that Fall produce to you for 8 deliveries this Fall into the Winter!  You can get some fresh greens, root crops and much more after your garden has decided it has finished for the year.  You might even get a few peppers and tomatoes if you talk to us nicely!  If you're missing produce in the Spring as well, see if the Traveler 20 fits you.

Deliveries 21 - 28 on the calendar
Price: $250

Sample Share Content (early November 2016):

Head of lettuce, head chinese/napa cabbage, bundle kale or chard, bunch radish, bunch carrots, 2 pounds potatoes, 3 sweet peppers, 1 tomato, butternut squash, romanesco, golden beets, 3 onions, 2 heads garlic

Proof that the farmers do listen!  Some of our members reported difficulty getting through all of the goodies before the next week's delivery.  The alternating delivery share (every other week most of the season, see the calendar) is a viable option if you are worried about having too much, but you really do want some delicious, certified organic produce.

Deliveries 14 deliveries --- Delivery numbers 1-27 (odd) or 2-28 (even) on the calendar
Price: $350

Sample Share Content: see other share types

Give Me the Smaller Birds Share

Twenty deliveries that will occur roughly every other week (you will receive a schedule once you sign up).  Each delivery, for 19 deliveries, each share holder will receive a broiler chicken that falls on the smaller side (typically 4 to 5 pounds).  For the 20th delivery, each share receives two stewing hens, perfect for pressure cooking, crock-potting and making broth.  In addition, each share holder receives a $25 credit towards a turkey!  That's 21 deliveries of quality poultry from our farm.
Deliveries 20 + the Great Turkey Pickup
Price: $325
Available Slots: 8

Give Me the Bigger Birds Share:

Ok, you have a bigger family and you want more meat on your chickens?  Here they are.  You will get the biggest broiler chickens we have from our day-range flocks.  Sizes average 5.5 pounds, though you'll land some over 6 pounds and some just over 5. We will provide you 20 deliveries of broilers roughly every other week AND you receive $25 credit towards a turkey - tell us you want a big turkey and we'll reserve it for you.
Deliveries 20 + the Great Turkey Pickup
Price $400
Available Slots:



  • St Andrew's Parking lot 4:00-6:00 PM Tuesdays (indoors later in season or inclement weather)


  • At the farm on Wednesdays

Cedar Falls

  • Hansen's Outlet (East of the building) 4:00-6:00 PM on Thursdays
  • Adjustments made in colder weather (November-December)

Our Commitment to Being Responsive Farmers

We will do our best to be flexible with our subscription terms. We are willing to learn about alternatives for growing produce and we seek feedback regarding the types and amounts of produce you receive. We encourage you to let us know what you need and we will endeavor to fulfill requests when it is possible and feasible.

We also ask that you respect our decisions if we feel that we cannot meet a given request. We do have limited resources - the most valuable of which is our time - and this may prevent us from meeting a request. However, you will, at least, be given the favor of a response and a reason for the decision.

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